By using the final 3 laws of influence in all your presentations and marketing your prospects will be able to make a decision to buy from you and join your business

If you’ve structured your presentation correctly as taught in the Top Producer Formula then you will be able to sell & recruit more in all your presentations and marketing

In everything that we do we should be giving value/teaching and selling simultaneously, because you want to make money, right?

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Imagine a car engine with no cylinders or pistons! The engine is useless!

Your marketing will probably be just as useless without the 3 laws of influence which I teach you in today’s video, which is part 3 of the 12 Laws Of Influence video series

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In part 2 of the 12 Laws Of Influence series you'll discover steps 4, 5 & 6 which are ESSENTIAL to your ability to sell to your prospects...


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The 12 Laws Of INFLUENCE (Part 1)


What would happen if you were able to literally construct the number of sales you need to make daily in order to make the money needed to fund a life of your dreams?

It would be worth learning the skills to make that happen?

There are 12 Laws of Influence that you can master and use in your marketing to increase responsiveness from your prospects and make more sales

If you don’t know these laws you’re probably losing a Hugh proportion of your sales

In this short video series I’m going to share the 12 Laws Of Influence with you
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Which One Have You Made?


I was watching the fast start training in the back office and one concept really jumped out at me that could change your entire life. When I began to start listening & watching success cultivating material daily, every day you learn something new

There’s one sure and certain way to become more powerful and effective and that’s to get around daily people that are living the life you want

A few years back I decided that enough was enough and I didn’t want to work a corporate traditional job anymore because I wanted to release myself from the bondage of that lifestyle and spend more time doing the things I wanted to do

At that time I made a decision that came from the heart. It was almost like my whole being said YES, we are going to do this!

We all make decisions everyday and how many of those decisions are you actually carrying through with?

Because to make a decision is the first step, the second step is to make a commitment

When I made a decision to roll my sleeves up and get busy creating an income from home, I also made a commitment to carry through with my decision.

I could have made a decision to make a life changing move and get started in my business and then not taken daily action to make it happen. This would have been a decision without commitment.

Because I also made a commitment I worked solidly for approx 100 days learning and creating content which I then used to suck in leads and sales into my affiliate account. That resulted in me getting off to a good and profitable start and getting paid every month for the last 4 years WITHOUT FAIL

That’s because I made a decision AND a commitment

8 months ago I made a decision to create a brand new lead flow from scratch and I also made a plan and commitment on how I was going to do it. Because I committed the job got done and that lead flow yields 10-25 targeted leads DAILY right now

You can make a decision today that you’re ready to create a brand new life for you and your loved ones, you can also make a commitment to carry through daily with the actions necessary to make it come into reality and look back in 6 months or a year and think to yourself how glad you are that you not only made a decision but also have made a commitment

Because decision without commitment will yield nothing of long term value

Are you committed?

Commitment is doing something daily to grow yourself and your business


- Study while others are sleeping, work while others are loafing, prepare while others are playing and dream while others are wishing - William A Ward


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